Fall 2001 Denver Trading Expo

November 12-16th

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Detailed Speaker List*

Jim Brown

Jim Brown is president of PremierInvestorNetwork.com, which publishes several newsletters dedicated to educating investors on all aspects of trading. Brown also is the editor of the company's newsletter, OptionInvestor.com, for which he writes daily market analysis and commentary, as well as weekly educational articles on trading options.

Austin Passamonte

Editor and captain of the crew at IndexSkybox.com, Austin Passamonte is known throughout the Premier Investor Network. His easy to read style and entertaining anecdotes have made him a popular writer among multiple financial websites. MORE ABOUT AUSTIN

Jeff Bailey

Jeff Bailey is currently the Senior Market Analyst for the Premier Investor Network and contributing Editor to PremierInvestor.com and OptionInvestor.com. He has provided individual investors with individualized portfolio management and stock selection during a seven-year tenure as an investment advisor, keying specifically in the areas of risk management. MORE ABOUT JEFF

Jon Farnlof

Jon is a veteran trader who combines over 15 years of stock market experience with 18 years of classroom expertise. He has a light-hearted and enthusiastic instructional style and is known for his ability to make complex subjects appear simple.

Jon Najarian
    Dr, "J" in CBOE

"Doctor J" as he is called at the CBOE. Jon started at the CBOE in 1981 where he found his discipline, quick reflexes and competitive nature, developed while a running back for the Chicago Bears, were well suited to the demands of floor trading. DR. J's success in the pit led him to found Mercury Trading in 1989. The firm currently makes markets in more than 90 high-tech and biotech stocks and trades between 25,000 - 40,000 options per day. Jon appears daily on "FOX News in the Morning," serves as the noon anchor on "Webfn.com" and can be heard four times a day on CBS radio.

Robin Dayne
    The Traders Coach

Over the past 8 years, Robin has studied and successfully coached some of the best traders of all types, across the US. This has earned her the reputation as "The Trader's Coach" and her services are in constant demand. Her two specialties are the psychology of trading and teaching Level II trading skills. MORE ABOUT ROBIN

Jeffery Verdon
    Tax Free Trading Specialist

Jeffrey M. Verdon, JD, LLM (Taxation), is internationally recognized for his unique estate tax reduction and asset protection strategies for America's wealthiest families. The law firm's use of the Superfreeze Trust and Discount Partnership Freeze techniques save its clients substantial sums in estate and generation-skipping transfer taxes. MORE ABOUT JEFF

Joe Lombard

Mr. Lombard is Executive Vice President of Archipelago, a leading U.S.-based electronic communications network (ECN) for stock trading. Archipelago is partnering with the Pacific Exchange to create the first totally open, fully electronic national stock exchange for listed and Nasdaq stocks. MORE ABOUT JOE

Don Bright

Trader, and Director of Education Bright Trading, LLC. A Market Maker and Floor Broker on the Pacific Stock Exchange from 1979 to 1989, and Trader and Director of Education for Bright Trading (the largest professional trading firm in the U.S. via 42 Nationwide offices). Don brings "reality" to trading. MORE ABOUT DON

Russ Wasendorf

Russell R. Wasendorf, Sr. is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PFG, Inc., a futures commission merchant. He also heads Wasendorf & Associates, Inc., a research firm specializing in managed futures investment, and is President of Wasendorf & Son Company. MORE ABOUT RUSSELL

Carolyn Boroden

Carolyn Boroden is a Commodity Trading Advisor and Technical Analyst that has been involved in the trading industry since 1978. She has taught a segment of the Chicago Commodity Boot Camp seminars for 4 years on advanced trading techniques using Fibonacci ratios on both the time and price axis of the market. She currently runs a trading advisory service from Scottsdale, AZ for both institutional and individual clients. MORE ABOUT CAROLYN

Deron Wagner
    Intraday Investments

Deron Wagner, along with Ed Balog, was the founding partner and present manager of Intraday Investments hedge fund, which was formed in July of 2000. His primary role at the hedge fund is that of short-term stock and options trader. Prior to managing the hedge fund, Wagner successfully short-term traded his personal account for five years using the methodology of relative strength sector trading. MORE ABOUT DERON

Sherman McClellan
    The McClellan Market Report

Sherman earned a degree in business administration and econo-mics in college, but found out after graduation that the standard types of fundamental analysis taught did not provide enough of the answers concerning why and when stock market prices moved. Dissatisfaction with a number of methods for technical analysis led him to develop new techniques for assessing market conditions. MORE ABOUT SHERMAN

Additional Speakers:

Tim Truebenbach 	TradingMarker.com 

Peter Stolcers 		Terra Nova Coach 

Patrick Lafferty 	Fox Investments 

David Nassar 		MarketWise.com 

Tim Taylor 		PreferedTrade.com 

*Speaker list not guaranteed and subject to change.

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