Online Seminar - Sunday, June 17th, 2001

7 Steps to Play Picking

By Eric Utley

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The seminar will take place at 8:00 p.m. ET.


This is a great opportunity to participate with one of Option Investor's most experienced analysts, Eric Utley. He is known for his concise, pertinent Market Wrap pieces and intelligent Ask the Analyst columns.


Seven Steps for Picking Stocks. See how in rapid fashion they determine Major Indices, sector analysis, leaders and laggards, key levels, entry / exits points and much more. This seminar will help you read from the minds that write it.

    1. Major Indices: Dow, SPX, Nasdaq, bonds
    2. Sector Analysis: Monitoring Money Flow
    3. Leaders vs Laggards
    4. Reading the Charts: Identifying Key Levels
    5. Cross-checking Point and Figure Charts: Supply & Demand
    6. Picking The Play
    7. Strategizing Entry & Exits

The fee for this course is $99.00 (US).


You will need a computer with Internet access and a second phone line to hear the presentation (for most of us that's two phone lines, one for the computer and one for us to listen). You'll need a 56K connection to the Internet or faster. We also recommend that you have at least 64 Megs of RAM memory in your PC.

You will NOT need any special software but we do ask that you sign in 15 minutes early to download the appropriate plugin for your web browser if this is your first online seminar with us.

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